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The 12 Fatal Mistakes Sellers Make and How to Avoid Them...a series, #6

Not Having the Time, Energy and Know-How to Devote a Full-Forced Effort to Selling Your Home

One of the keys to selling your home efficiently and profitably is complete accessibility. Many homes have sat on the market much longer than necessary because the owner was unwilling or unavailable to show the property. Realize that a certain amount of hours each day is necessary to sell your home. This means during the day, at nights and on weekends. BE SURE not to plan any vacations or out-of-town endeavors. One of sellers most fatal mistakes is not being available. YOU CAN'T MAKE BUYERS WAIT because there are many other homes available that will grant them instant access.

 In addition, there are several safety precautions you must follow when showing your home. You never want to show your home alone, and you need to be very careful as to who you allow to access your home. There is a new crime wave appearing where people "acting" as buyers come in and "preview" the home with the sellers. At this time, the "buyers" are taking a mental note of all the goodies the home has such as jewelry locations, televisions, antiques, etc. These supposed buyers then watch the home for a few weeks and get an understanding of when the seller will be home and not. Shortly after, the seller is robbed and comes home to an empty house. This trend is appearing more and more and in the least suspecting neighborhoods where owners are trying to sell on their own because they think the location alone will bring the buyer.

 It's a crazy world we live in, so make sure you're protected!!

Check Back Tomorrow for the 7th Biggest Mistake Sellers Make in Today's Atlanta Real Estate Market!!!!!

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